Being in the Present

Alright, so where will I begin in my attempt to reach you? What would you want to learn, or what do you need to understand about living well and attaining good health? Remember that on a physical level this is all about living and eating properly… eat and live clean so that you have quality of life in the here-and-now, although, there is no guarantee that just because you take the clean path that you will live for 125 years. Your ability to control stuff is limited company website. It’s all about being in the present. Tomorrow you might break an arm or come down with food poisoning.

On a mental level it’s all about thinking positive because what you dwell on can manifest on the physical. Allowing all those fear based pharmaceutical commercials and news stories guide your thinking has a tendency to lead you into places that aren’t going to keep you in a good mental or physical state.

All the cells in your body take their cue from the messages the brain sends them. If the messages are fear based and negative then your system goes into alert mode which causes stress on every cell of your body. Your body then takes a defensive stance and cannot do the things it needs to do to sleep and heal itself. So, you can see that the ability to fight off the daily toxins of living in this world becomes weakened if your mental and emotional state is compromised. If you constantly walk around thinking that the mean old germs and viruses are going to get you….then they will!

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