Know The Cause

Okay, I’m attempting my version of blogging. Hopefully it will help you gain a better understanding of this body and mind you live out of. I put it this way because if we were not able to be conscious and aware of what goes on within and outside of us then we wouldn’t be thinking the thoughts we think. However, we were given these attributes and we long to learn and evolve. Much of what I have found about my own development is that I am quite curious as to how good health is maintained. Also, if something is causing illness or dis-ease, I want to be able to address this if I can. I put it that way because there are times when nothing that I do seems to work.

Now, for the regular person that might not be much of a concern but for me it is. I’m just not willing to put my health into the hands of modern medicine. That’s not to say I am not impressed with much of the technical advances they have come up with over the years, but I find most of those advances to be diagnostic in nature as opposed to healing solutions. I want to know the cause of my weaknesses so that I might be able to re-balance my system in a natural way.

So, my point is that I am not against modern medicine, rather, I find it very useful for certain things. Today modern medicine is a “One-Stop-Shop” for all your health and wellness needs regardless of what it is that ails you. I find that just as silly as going to Wal-Mart for all your shopping needs. I hope you get my point.

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