Let The Energy Flow

Have you ever heard the acupuncture expression “moving the chi”? It’s a common way of describing how with the use of needles or other techniques to help redirect electric voltage through an area of stagnation or distress in bodies electrical system my sources. Sometimes the acupuncturist will even utilize additional electric stimulation via use of a small voltage generator connected to wires that are attached to the needles. Bottom line on all of this is that energy needs to move throughout the energetic network within the body in a free and consistent flow. If this does not happen then disease will ultimately occur if the blockage is not remedied. The same principle is at work when one receives a chiropractic adjustment, cranial-sacral therapy or massage, etc.

There are more subtle forms of this energy work such as healing hands and Matrix Energetics work. Here, the practitioner is actually using their own energy to stimulate transformation in the client. It is said that the highly evolved among us have mastered this to one degree or another similar to how Jesus and other masters are said to have done. My own feelings on this are that depending on who is doing the healing and how serious the client is about wanting to open themselves up to the possibilities of change have a great deal to do with its working. If the practitioner has absolute confidence in what they are intending it may not even matter what the client is thinking or feeling. Then there are the “Sunday morning healers” who rely heavily on the faith of the client. Like anything in our current world there are varying degrees to almost everything we can imagine. Some are permanent transformations while others are only temporary healings.

The point is that free flow of energy is a requirement for good health. In my own case as a practicing herbalist I look to nutrition and the herbal remedies I am familiar with to cause energetic changes for my clients.

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