We Are More Than What We Think

We were taught from a very early age that what we are is our physical body. Because of this we find it hard to relate to our body as anything but flesh, blood and bone. With all the religious mumbo jumbo we were exposed to through the course of our lives you’d think we would have developed a better appreciation for how the body is a gift and that it is so much more than just physical matter.

An example of this is our muscle and tissue system. We think of it as flesh but in reality it is a very sophisticated network of electric wiring that reaches down into our cellular make up. If you were to actually view the human form through a more elevated consciousness what you would see is a vast matrix, a network brilliantly shining in many different colors with some more intense than others but amazing none-the-less collaboration tools for business. We are more than what we think and see.

We occupy a form that is multi-dimensional and is powered by an electric charge that shows itself as light energy. You could say that at birth upon our first breath we become a self sufficient entity powered by a battery like life force. Similar to a battery, we are given a full charge of this life force (chi, prana, etc..) and that is what we ultimately depend on to carry us through our lives. It allows us to breathe, think, feel, sense and be aware. Also similarly, it only holds a certain amount of energy and as we grow and mature we begin to lose bits of this force. This is called “aging”. Aging normally causes our skin to dry, wrinkle and lose elasticity. We no longer have the vital look of a newborn or even a 16 year old. Along with the loss of “chi” our physical body begins to experience things like inflammation and other organ deficiencies because the loss of “chi” happens both on the inside as well as to our skin.

Yes, it’s a hard reality but as they say, we begin to dry up like an old prune! The secret to holding on to your vital life force is to be smart enough to conserve what you have at an early age and maintain that lifestyle. I can get more into this next time.

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