The Upside of Summer

This is the best time of the year. It’s really warming up and beyond the obvious advantages of warm weather there are other benefits that most of us are not aware of.
Summer weather brings longer days and much more energy from the sun. It also brings
with it fresh local fruits and vegetables. Along with those factors comes the opportunity
to step away from the old diet and lifestyle habits that are slowly but surely aging you
and putting you in ill-health, and maybe for some of you, serious health problems.

Late spring and all of summer gives you an excellent opportunity to take a good look at
your self and make the decision to change for the better. It’s apparent when taking a stroll
through town that for many of you it’s long overdue. Your diets, bad habits, dependency
on mainstream medicine and other addictions are getting the best of you. Perhaps I can
give you some ideas to help motivate you to take that first step towards a better, healthier
life that may even create a better community.

So, if this is the summer of change for you please allow me to give you a few ways to
begin. First of all, start looking at yourself as an extension of what created you, that
pure energy that gives you life and pulls the breath into your lungs. What I mean is
to recognize that power that keeps you alive and be grateful it gives you life. Make it

Next, start cleaning your body of all the poisons and toxins it has accumulated over the
course of your lifetime. Get into the habit of drinking plenty of clean water. You can find
it in the local grocery stores. City water has too many additives in it that, over time, can
do harm. Do a colon cleanse for about a week then build the motivation to attempt a liver
& gallbladder fast. This will make a huge difference and will also prepare you for your
new long term diet.

There’s no sense in going to all the effort to clean yourself out if you do not continue to
take into your body only clean nutrients. This means watching what you eat and drink. Be
a label reader. No soda pop, caffeine, McDonald’s or any other fast food including many
local diners. Do you get the picture? Until these companies start to offer fresh, organic
foods, stay away from them. Sure, they may taste great to you now but that is only
because you are addicted to them. Start treating your body as the gift it is and you will
find that those junk foods no longer have the appeal they once did. Also, stay away from
anything that is processed. If you like milk and can tolerate dairy products, make sure
they are fresh from a farm that does not add antibiotics and hormones to the feed. It’s the
same with eggs. Be certain that the chickens that laid the eggs were what they call “free
range”. Are you starting to get the picture now? Just remember that these mainstream
companies are not concerned about your health and well being. They are only concerned
about staying in business. You have to be the one that takes responsibility for your own

My last recommendation goes back to that wonderful energy ball in the sky called
the sun. Did you know that when energy hits your skin the all important vitamin D

is produced? When that same sunlight hits your eyes vitamin A occurs. Vitamin A is
responsible for the proper function of vision; maintenance of cornea, epithelial cells,
mucus membranes, skin, bone and tooth growth, reproduction, and immunity. You hear
a lot about staying out of the sun light and that is true to some degree. As a good rule of
thumb, take in your direct sunlight during the first hour after sunrise and the last hour
before sunset. The UV rays will not harm your eyes or your skin at those times. In fact,
bacteria cannot grow in the sunlight and direct sun can be very therapeutic as it draws
out toxins from the body. You may even find that you require less food from your plate
as you’ve already gotten your energy directly from the sun. Now, I call that the upside of

Have a good one. Peace.Movie Get Out (2017)