My Trip to Hungary

Recently I ventured out of the US on a trip back to the land of my forefathers. Now, this was not my first trip to Hungary but it was the longest and most meaningful one.

You see, all of my grandparents immigrated from Hungary way back in the early 1900’s, therefore; I was brought-up in a family culture filled with Hungarian customs. The sad part about that was my parents never took the time to sit me down and teach me the language….but that is another story all together. I think the most powerful element of my adventure was the fact that I did it by myself. No friends or family were interested in coming along with me to celebrate my recent attainment of Hungarian citizenship.

So, yes I am a dual citizen now. Going solo did raise a bit of doubt in my mind as to whether I should go it alone or not but being the lone wolf, independent type I ultimately ignored the fear and anxiety of being a stranger in a strange land. So, before I knew it I was on a big jet airliner headed for Europe.

The plane trip was a rough one for me. It took me a good 3 days to recoup from the jet lag and fatigue. I also fell victim to my usual mild edema in the lower legs and feet but that was gone the very next morning. I made sure I had the right tinctures and supplements to counteract this type of stress so it was not too bad. If you’d like to know more about what I did, please contact me.

Hungary is a much more beautiful country than it gives itself credit. When’s the last time you watched a TV commercial promoting its tourism assets? Never! And, that was a big part of my plan, to explore the different regions just to see and judge for myself. Being a Natural Health Practitioner did have quite an influence on what I was interested in finding and I do believe I was able to get a very good take on how my views of health compared or related to this culture.

One of the huge differences that stuck-out in my mind was how the regular Hungarian ate and what you would normally be offered at a typical restaurant. I had to be very crafty in order to get something I felt was reasonably safe and healthy for myself.

Their traditional fare was exactly how it was for me growing-up in that Hungarian-American family culture….a lot of emphasis on meat consumption with very little focus on vegetables. It’s not like I could not find a good salad but I had to look hard to get what I wanted. Once I found a good place to eat I did not forget it….trust me!

Goulash (Hungarian: gulyás) is a soup or stew of meat, noodles and vegetables (especially potato), seasoned with paprika and other spices.Budapest is the heart and capital of Hungary. There you can find almost anything you need to live a healthy lifestyle but ,again, you have to put some effort into finding that special health food store or green grocer type place. Although it seems to be a very fitness oriented city you can tell those more fitness oriented people really do not deviate away from tradition.

I don’t know….maybe I am wrong but I just don’t think they look at eating a lot of meat as a bad thing. My whole philosophy on meat consumption is that you may need some in order to get your saturated fats but please avoid making it the mainstay of your diet. I could see the beauty of the young Hungarian women yet I also saw the premature aging of the women my age or even younger. I think a lot of that had to do with the cumulative effects of their typical meal. Another huge thing that I noticed is that there is much less obesity there even though they like there breads and pastry. Food for thought!

I will blog more about my trip as I continue to process all the things I experienced. Stay tuned!