What’s the Message


Neural Network

The more time I spend at my practice the more I see how everything we think, do and say effects the cellular network within and around our physical body. Whether it is a thought or emotion, something we eat or drink or how we respond to a situation, any of these things sends either a positive or negative message to our cellular system.

When something affects your cells it also has an effect on your health. What determines the intensity of the effect is the strength of the trigger.  If, for example, the trigger is a mild, constant mental stress the aggravation to the cells will be slow yet damaging. This is similar to the ocean waves wearing away at the rocks on a beach. You cannot notice any obvious drastic change yet that change is occurring none-the-less.

Eventually, if the stress does not end, there will be a symptom that will manifest. It may show itself as a physical or mental symptom or both but the cause will definitely be the long-term stress that forced your cells to weaken and then breakdown. Yet, the reverse of this scenario could be something fun and happy in your life that would have a strong, positive tonic effect that resulted in an improved immune response and a confident outlook on life.

So, I suggest that you keep this in mind if you are trying to either stay healthy or are trying to regain your good health. The mere awareness of how everything we experience in our daily lives is having a response at a cellular level will begin to help your efforts.  Try to become more of an Observer as opposed to being the Actor. Notice the stuff around you and within you. Pay attention to what your senses are sensing.

That habitual snack made from processed white flour or that angry emotion you hold onto from something that happened to you in the past will erode the vitality of your cells. It’s not a problem caused by your cells, it’s just the message you are sending to them that stimulates a helpful or detrimental result.

I know this sounds quite simple…..but it is. No, it’s not rocket science. It’s what I have found to be plain common sense. Appreciate your body as a gift and it will function the way it was meant to be.

Eat clean, drink clean and live clean. Your cells will thank you for that!