Energy Healing

This picture was taken by Dave Rowe who lives in Greensburg, PA. Dave’s passion is photography. This is an example of micro photography. There are a couple more of his pics within the web site. check them out. They are really great.

It’s been said that 90% of what ails us does not even have its place of origin on the physical dimension of our existence. Rather, most disease can be located at the more subtle levels of what we are. You see, we are more than just our skin and bone. We have other layers of self that are invisible to the physical eye yet are so much more a part of us than we can even imagine. These deeper (or higher) aspects of what we are vibrate at a much faster rate than does our physical form, therefore, we cannot observe them with our less refined senses. It’s quite amazing and also inspiring when this is recognized and experienced. This is the realm of Energy Healing and it is much different than anything else within the concepts of health and healing.

Energy Healing requires much more awareness on the part of the client. They must be at a point in their understanding where they see the importance of self responsibility. Most people want their problems fixed by the practitioner. In this scenario it takes both client and healer in order to gain results. I am not saying you have to be an advanced spiritual person but I am saying you must be at a point where you are willing to play an active role with an open heart and an understanding that you are more than just a physical body. What you ultimately are is pure infinite Light.


In order to properly address disease utilizing Energy the healer must make contact with the clients’ soul. This can be done either in-person or from a distance. Third dimension limitations do not matter. You can be in Pittsburgh and I could be in Budapest but that would not be an issue. Therefore, as long as the healer has the permission of the client, or the in the case of a child, the permission of the parent or guardian, the experience can take place.

There is no guarantee that healing will take place on the physical level because what ails you may be part of a life lesson you have to experience in order to progress. That does not mean the event had no merit or positive result but it may mean you need to face your issue in a different light. Disease is not the enemy as our mainstream medical model has forced us to think. There is value in everything you are faced with. Trust is the key.