Haste makes waste.

The more I use and recommend herbal remedies, the more I realize how subtle they are. Yes, there are some herbs that work immediately but for the majority of them; it might take weeks to show signs that they are helping. In order for you to give an herbal formula a chance, and I do mean a chance, you must be willing to be patient. In our society “instant” and “convenience” are predominant. In the world of medicinal herbs it is the total opposite much of the time.

So, are you willing to accept the long-term effects of herbs as a means to correct and balance your system instead of the more immediate results of pharmaceuticals? Here’s the catch, pharmaceuticals are generally toxic in nature. Especially if taken for long durations. Typically, they were developed to treat symptoms, not heal. Healing you is not their function. I repeat, healing you is not their function and can end up harming you if taken for too long a period. Herbal remedies on the other hand are not meant to hide or temporarily make the symptoms go away. Rather, they work with your whole self to address the cause and balance your system so that your body can do it’s own repairs, etc.

What does this mean to you or me? Are herbs the answer or are pharmaceuticals the way to go? My opinion is this; they both serve purposes. Let’s say for example you drink too much tonight and wake up with a massive headache. You’re going to reach for the Motrin, not the herbal hangover remedy. You need the ache to go away fast so you can function properly. Yes, you may supplement with the correct herbs and minerals to address the damage the booze did to your system but that is a different motive. On the other hand, if one is diagnosed with a chronic aliment that has been developing for a long period of time such as diabetes or some form of cancer, I would strongly consider an herbal and nutritional program as opposed to a drug oriented protocol. If a combination of both nutrition, herbal medicine and surgery is the last option, then give it serious consideration. Just remember, the bottom line decision is yours. It’s your body and it’s your responsibility.