Pavlogs’ Dogs

I see it everyday. Regardless of where I happen to be. People don’t even realize what is happening. So caught up in their lives and so caught up in what they are told. Whether it’s their friends or watching the TV, they are, for the most part, completely removed from what they realize they need to do and what they need to change. It’s like we are living in two opposing worlds simultaneously. One where we know what is best for ourselves, the other is what we actually do….two opposing things going on at the same time.  I notice it in myself sometimes. I tell myself I’m going to do this or I’m going to do that but when it comes down to the actual moment I do the opposite. It’s like I’m just kidding myself by thinking I am in control!

Considering what I do, I observe this phenomenon from a natural health prospective. I see people that have ill health issues everyday. I talk to them and recommend various strategies to get them back on track so their bodies can start healing. Most of the time they agree but most of the time they do not follow through even if they think they are. This is where the dual reality thing becomes so apparent.

Recently I traveled to one of my favorite places for a vacation. I have been going there for several years and have made many quality friends. Over the course of time  I have given these friends helpful advice concerning health issues they had. I recommended various changes and additions they should have considered. Very few of them have made those changes, which got me thinking about why. My opinion is that the customs and traditions that we all were raised with play I huge role. Yet, it is the contemporary elements of the past 50 years that have the biggest influence on our daily habits and routines. There is such a deep and powerful acceptance of these learned ways, regardless of how much we think we want to change and make better our health and lives in general, that we subconsciously sabotage our efforts.

Eating is such a huge chunk of our daily routine. We either eat because we enjoy it or we eat just to fuel our bodies or both. Regardless, it’s something we all do (unless you get your energy solely from the sun). Because it is such an important aspect in our day it should be a very carefully planned event. Good, wholesome, clean food should be a priority, yet, for a great number of people in our society eating and what they eat is just something you do when you get hungry.  We have been trained by contemporary marketing to respond to TV ads of subtle or not so subtle means to do what these commercial messages suggest. We see them over and over again. Gradually we are influenced to a point where we just do as we are told by the commercial food industry. It is much the same as in politics. If you hear something over and over again you will start to believe it whether it is fact or not. That is why so much money is spent on advertising. We actually become the victims of the message. We eat their processed and modified foods then eventually lose our good health. We ask ourselves, “Why did this happen to me?” Well, sadly, the answer is because we allowed it. Now, our society is suffering from illnesses such as diabetes and obesity in epidemic proportions. It’s no secret why. But do you have the courage to look this present scenario in the face, accept the result then do something about it with the right energy?