Outside The Box

It’s fun to read and watch on the Internet all the interesting info-ads concerning various herbs and herbal combinations but which ones are right for you? The supplement manufacturers spend time and a lot of money promoting their herbal remedies directly to you because they want you to doctor yourself but what about you as a unique individual with very unique issues? Let me tell you something, one size does not fit all. What may be good for you may not be good for someone else. That’s where diagnostics and assessment come into play. Those two functions can help pinpoint the cause of your dis-ease so that the proper therapies and remedies can be put to good use.

Just recently my best friend was experiencing an abnormal pattern of sickness. She was tired, had no appetite, wasn’t drinking enough water and was experiencing intense jabs of pain that caused her to wince and jerk. Two trips to the clinics for various testing showed no obvious reason for her distress. Blood looked fine and x-rays revealed no problems. All the physical testing/assessment did not lead to an answer. Upon further investigation I had her work, from a distance, with an intuitive doctor who took the assessment to a deeper level. What the doctor came up with was that although my friend was showing no abnormal test results she had a low-grade infection in her liver. The practitioner was able to transmit the needed combination of antibiotics and homeopathics and within a few hours my friend was on her way to feeling her normal self again. Amazing! Magic!!

My point here is that it’s difficult to make a truly accurate diagnosis on yourself, let alone with the assistance of trained medical professionals. Don’t allow the slick and interesting advertisements pull you in. It’s not always as simple and obvious as they would like you to believe. I’m not saying that some of the natural supplements and remedies are not worthy. They just might not be right for you and what ails you.  Two people can have the same symptoms yet would require totally different medicine because of the uniqueness of each individual. Think about it, take the right steps then decide.  The old adage is true, sometimes “you cannot see the forest for the trees….”