Food as Energy

This idea of food as energy keeps coming around and around in my head. I think being away from my normal surroundings causes me to think about it more because as hard as I try I eat differently. It seems so obvious that the more active one is the more fuel they need….and because they burn more fuel the negative effects of eating poorly are minimal. It’s when we eat GMF, unclean, processed foods while living as less active lifestyle that a lot of negative reactions occur. Take a look around you. Take a look at your friends and relatives. Things are right.

So, what to do? There are two basic rules to follow; eat as clean and pure as possible, and eat less. As mans progress into the tech oriented future continues we will find our physical activity levels will diminish. What this means to our overall health is the danger of toxic poisoning as a result of eating unclean food and performing minimal exercise.

It’s not like this change is something coming in the future. It has already begun and will simply become more commonplace each and every day. So, unless you are a lumberjack or a professional athlete you had better take a minute to review what you are taking into your body (in all ways) and also how much you are doing this. Remember, you do not need mass quantities of fuel when you are slowing down your activity levels.