Tom Mondell, Master Herbalist

A message from Tom:

Logan068If you, like many today, heard about “Herbal Medicine” or “Nutritional Counseling” and wondered what they where and how they might help people-let me introduce you to them, and to myself.

I’m Tom Mondell; I have a varied background in fields such as advertising, marketing, and radio.  A long-time personal concern with health, nutrition, and natural therapies led me to pursue certification as a Health Professional in Herbal Medicine.

I feel strongly that, while conventional medicine has many successes and strengths, it also ACHSlacks aspects which other therapies address, such as Herbal Medicine.  These therapies have helped human beings for thousands of years, and in their contemporary form, continue to offer strong health benefits alongside, and sometimes ahead of, conventional practices.  Thus I have earned a Master Herbalist Diploma from American College of Healthcare Sciences.

Let me briefly define some terms.  “Herbs” are foods from the plant kingdom used for therapeutic value.  “Herbal Medicine” is the art and science of using herbs for promoting health and preventing and addressing illness. A “Master Herbalist” is a Certified Health Professional who is competent either as an independent or adjunct practitioner.

Clean, fresh foodIn my practice, as a Clinical Master Herbalist, I counsel that the first principle of good health means, observing the fundamentals of healthy living as a basis.  These we have all heard hundreds of times-proper diet, fresh clean water, sunlight, exercise, and rest.  Perhaps most important, good nutrition is absolutely fundamental to good health.  If we do not have healthy diets-we will be unhealthy, now or in the future!  So an important part of how I help people is to provide individual nutritional counseling.  The proper herbs, properly identified, can be extremely effective in helping people re-balance their health in all three major areas, the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

I can recommend natural regimes for stress, pain, diet, cancer, nutrition, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, obesity, prostate, sinusitis, diabetes, addiction, auto immune, high blood pressure, irritable bowel, mercury toxicity, stomach, skin, stress, fibromyalgia and many other areas.

Tom and Scotch
This picture of my best friend Scotch and me was taken back a few years ago in southern Lawrence County, PA at the site of the former Rock Point Park location just outside Ellwood City. Ellwood is my hometown and still holds an important place in my life.

As more and more people are realizing, Herbal Medicine has become more and more popular, and will continue to do so, I believe, because many thousands and thousands continue to find it effective-sometimes more so than conventional therapies, and very often less invasive and freer of side effects.  It is also typically less expensive.  Many also appreciate that it seeks to harmoniously enable the whole person to attain good health, rather than suppress symptoms as conventional drugs do.