When you walk through the door at Portland Alternative Medicine you are recognized as a unique creation. There has never been anyone like you and there never will. You are truly unique. So, when I recommend an herb or herbal combination for you it is unique to your needs and to your system, not to anyone else. Sure, there are good, high quality herbal formulas out there that may be good for you to take and you might get good results but, then again, you might just be throwing your money away. You see, herbs have personalities just like we humans. When you mix the constituents that make up an herb with your own personal chemistry you get a totally unique result. You might not harmonize with that herb, or, that herb may not harmonize with you! At Portland Alternative Medicine we provide harmless testing to determine what medicinal herbs are the best for you. This is unlike what you hear on the radio or TV where the advertisements try to convince you that “one size fits all.” You are not someone else, you are you…..and that’s good!